La pantera rosa

La pantera rosa - Jose Antonio Rodríguez - 2014



Ser marinero y pasarse días fuera de casa. Añorar los hijos, añorar la infancia. Pensar en el futuro. 554 veces.


6 respuestas a “La pantera rosa

  1. Basile Pesso 4 de abril de 2014 / 11:12

    I wonder if Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards have a link with the number 554, maybe we’ll never know but it would be super amusing….anyway this photo is a wonder of composition and meaning, linked to your text. There is so much sadness in this panther here…… me, the metaphor of “L’Esprit de Sérieux” (Nietszche) that destroy so much. Would you believe it if I told you that in France, a lot of the youth is incredibly serious but without intelligence (or stupidly laughing to bullshit ?).
    I have this and other things if ou’re interested, I know it’s long and in French but primordial, so even if not know, you can read it whenever you want 🙂

  2. Basile Pesso 4 de abril de 2014 / 11:13

    So many mistakes in my comment : destroys* ; you’re* ; now*

  3. Basile Pesso 7 de abril de 2014 / 23:14

    My main site, Aminus, has been totally erased without warning because I asked for a harassment to be stopped…one year and a half of harassment by the same group of people…two years of work destroyed, with all the wonderful comments, the dialogues, the literature, the politics, the philosophy, the music, the friendship, my main way of showing my work and the success of my blog to the galleries and buyers….all that DESTROYED in one gesture. All blogs there blocked by the “boss”, all my friends there far away. A blog that was followed by hundreds of people each day from all over the world and superbly commented, with passion.

  4. Jose Antonio Rodríguez 8 de abril de 2014 / 6:38

    Lo se Basile, lo ví ayer, y buscandote el rastro llegue a tu blog de Tumblr que veo que lo tenías como segunda opción. Lo siento muchísimo, desde luego es una desgracia enorme. Para tí tiene que haber sido un palo enorme, espero que ganes en tu lucha y que no decaigas. Y que encuentres otro lugar donde hacer tu casa. Pero claro, la perdida, los comentarios, los seguidores, todo eso es irremplezable. Un abrazo y te sigo el rastro adonde quieras que vayas.


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